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Cyber Security Training Resources

Job Seekers:

Managing Your Cyber Career and Job Hunt presented by Bob Wheeler at BSides Augusta. Despite the fact that there is high demand for many cyber skill sets, successfully landing a great job is not always a guarantee. This talk will help turn great cyber pro's into great job seekers as well.

Knowing the Right Code for Your Resume is a roundtable discussion at BSides San Antonio with a diverse panel bringing a number of good perspectives for cyber security resumes and job search. partners with BSides DC to tell you How to Join the InfoSec Community. This lively presentation will help you join your info sec industry life and your info sec community life. Yes, there is a difference between the industry and the community. In this presentation Micah Hoffman covers how to make that integration.

Kathleen Smith of leads a panel discussion on how to formulate your Information Security Job Search and Resume. You’ll pick up important tips from top recruiters and hiring managers looking for the best candidates to fill sought-after cyber security jobs.

Infosec consulting director Adam Brand shares tips to maximize your chance of success during a tech interview.  Includes first-hand accounts of interviews that go horribly wrong or surprisingly well. From BSides LV. Hacking Tech Interviews.

How do you cut through the noise and find the best career advocates in your field? At Bsides LV Ashley Bush and Brian Sheridan gave tips to strategically identify top talent specialists in your field. Rate the Recruiter.

This panel discussion at BSides LV covers how the recruiting process really works – sourcing candidates, screening, negotiations. Learn how to beat recruiters at their own game. How To Hack Recruiting: Turning the Tables.

Professional Development:

Mike Murray discusses the challenges of managing cybersec staff including recruiting, managing and retaining rock-star level talent in Hacking is Easy, Hiring is Hard: Managing Security People, from BSides Las Vegas.

Caroline Wong and Robert Wood talk about leadership in the cyber security industry and how to work optimally with non-tech colleagues at BSides LV. Hacking Office Politics for Information Security Leaders

This session from BSides LV discusses how to bring out the best in every cyber security candidate and facilitate building strong teams with tips to identify and correct common interviewing mistakes. How To Be a Better Hiring Manager

Marcus Carey shares his experience with building a credible career in the information security industry at BSides LV.  Contains insight for attaining certifications and acing job interviews. Hacking College, a Cybersecurity Career and Certifications.

Matt Duren leads a discussion at BSides Las Vegas 2017 Hire Ground, Job Search Questions and Answers from Cyber Security Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

The insane pace of the digital world makes it difficult to keep up.  In this talk from Bsides LV Nathan Seaney outlines proactive steps to maintain a career in the tech world. The Commoditization of Security Solutions: Will You Be Replaced by a Small Script

Spend a few minutes with Bobbie Stempfley, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Cyber Security for DHS.  She will share her story and career perspectives, recorded at BSides LV. What a Career in Public Service is Really about.

Other Resources:

Cybrary is free and open source cyber security learning center. You can register for no cost to take course by skill type or career level. This educational site also offers the opportunity to certify yourself with skill-focused courses.

ISC2 is where you will find a compilation of training seminars and guides to refresh your knowledge for certification exams, including CISSP certification. 

Hire our Heroes provides free cyber security training to veterans. You will find online, on-demand courses for entry level candidates to programs for senior level professionals. There are also prep guides for the top certifications in the industry.

For webinars, tool kits, eLearning and more, visit the Center for Development of Security Excellence. You can target your learning to a wide variety of areas such as counterintelligence, insider threat, and operations security.

If you are a veteran transitioning from military service who wants to build a career in cyber security, CyberWatch West is a terrific resource. They work with community colleges and training organizations to transform your experience into course equivalencies. Check out their MOS crosswalk

Why Students Should Use CyberSecJobs. We offer you information to guide you to smart professional opportunities. Our settings allow you to control your visibility. And our educational content makes you a savvy candidate armed with up-do-date industry insider information.


John Nixon presenting information security job search at BSides San Diego

John Nixon leading a cyber security job seeker discussion with information security recruiters at BSides San Diego. BSides events are a good way to network and learn more about the infosec community. 


As technology advances so does the demand for an educated workforce.  Protecting and defending the national cyber security infrastructure will required a polished, professional workforce. Comprehensive, ongoing training is what will make you stand-out as an information security professional. 

The demand for cyber security experts is growing more than ten times faster than the current U.S. job market, making cyber security jobs one of the most highly sought-after careers in the country. The U.S. needs more information security professionals in every industry and in every state.

Did you know that the average cyber security job brings home a paycheck that is around 50% higher than the average private sector job? Whether you are a current infosec employee wanting to advance your skills, an opportunity seeker hoping to build a new career or a veteran ready to retrain for the future, is a helpful site packed with powerful resources.

Our site keeps current with the most up-to-date training tools and provides you with links to a wealth of valuable information. You don’t have to do the research, we do it for you. We also feature podcasts covering timely subjects with industry experts. The best and the brightest in the world of cyber security are made available to you.